Dr. Skosnik trained in Neuroscience at Northwestern University where he was mentored by Dr. Sohee Park. His doctoral work involved the formulation of a novel hypothesis stating that schizophrenia pathology is caused in part by a dysregulation of the brain’s endogenous cannabinoid system. Subsequently, Dr. Skosnik completed postdoctoral study at the Indiana University Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences where he was involved in electrophysiology research under the tutelage of Dr. Brian O’Donnell and Dr. William Hetrick. After his postdoctoral study, he joined the Yale University Department of Psychiatry as research faculty where he worked with Dr. Deepak C. D’Souza examining the electrophysiological correlates of cannabinoids in humans.

In 2013, Dr. Skosnik was appointed as an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at the Yale University School of Medicine, and now directs the Psychophysiology Laboratory within the VA-CMHC-Yale Schizophrenia Research Clinic (Directed by Dr. Deepak C. D’Souza and Dr. Mohini Ranganathan). He has been the recipient of two NARSAD Young Investigator Awards, was invited to participate in the NIH Early Career Reviewer (ECR) Program, was the 2016 Yale Nominee for the Charles A. Dana Foundation Neuroimaging Grant (awarded), has received The Brain and Behavior Foundation (Formerly NARSAD) Independent Investigator Award. and his work has been featured on the covers of Biological Psychiatry, Neuropsychopharmacology, and Clinical Neurophysiology.